Thursday, August 28, 2014

File Storage-The Sky's The Limit

In todays world of ever changing technology there are so many choices for storing your files.
Gone are the days of floppy disk, cd and DVD media, the dreaded jazz disk (ugh) even 5 1/4 floppy LOL!
I threw that one in for giggles. Now there are  HDD's  on every desktop laptop ,portable hard drives, flash drives, and now the cloud or online storage that you can access anywhere you have a pc, laptop, smartphone, tablet  etc. and internet access. While all of these work extremely well and are very portable they all have small advantages or disadvantages lets take a look at these options to see which is best for you.
 HDD's -on laptops and desktop computers-really its tried and true perhaps the only thing as a draw back is carrying around a laptop everywhere you go, and if your HDD was to go bad and you lose all data .

Taking us to the next option portable HDD's. These are compact some the size of your palm. Once again maybe the few drawbacks are a failed USB cable preventing communication from HDD to pc or failed HDD.

Flash drives are very tiny and can fit in your pocket, keychain, shirt pocket etc. They are very easy to use and can plug in to any tablet, pc, or laptop that has USB ports on it and they vary in sizes and the prices are very reasonable a great choice.

Lastly the new standard and future of storing files. "The Cloud" or online storage.
There are a lot of options for online storage and they all offer plenty of space for storing your files etc.
You can access your cloud anywhere you have internet access on a tablet, desktop pc, smartphone, and  laptop. The few drawbacks are the chance though slim that someone could hack into your cloud, or your internet go out all over the country LOL! but all in all this is the future of file storage and most likely the safest. In that being said I would recommend two options first have a USB flash drive on hand you never know if you will need it, and last embrace the future of the cloud and enjoy not having your hard drive space dwindle down on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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